Modelling and Simulation

Application and Model Development in R and Embarcadero-Delphi

Mathematical simulation models are recognised and very helpful tools. Implementing the technical, physical, chemical, biological and mathematical laws in computer programmes in a meaningful way requires extensive background knowledge and good cooperation between the disciplines involved. The use of Embarcadero-Delphi in combination with the very extensive Systaim collection of subroutines enables the very fast creation of easy-to-use programmes (local, online, mobile). Independent statistical evaluations are carried out transparently with the statistical software R.

Selected Applications: ComleamD – Comleam – SystemD – KD – Interrelation Miner – FemQ – FunFit – PTFT – Poshrin – WeightedMean – Covid – Driver’s log

  • ComleamD – The simulation of biocides and their transformation products that are washed out of facades by driving rain. Currently specifically for scientific applications.
  • Derived from an earlier version of it: Comleam – The simulation of biocides washed out of facades by driving rain, supporting the use of paints, varnishes, plasters and wood. Helpful for producers and authorities.
  • SystemD – Political, social and economic systems can hardly be modelled quantitatively. However, the qualitative system analysis already provides indications as to which measures can be successfully implemented and how.
  • KD – Consistency analysis is the basis for the development of scenarios and thus serves to find out which future we want – and which we do not.
  • Interrelation Miner – Fuzzy pattern recognition for diagnosing cancer using breath tests.
  • FemQ – 3D finite element programme for water flow in the unsaturated soil zone.
  • FunFit – Determination of model parameters with the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm enables the evaluation of data.
  • PTFT – Pedotransfer functions determine parameters for soil water balance calculations from grain size distributions.
  • Poshrin – R-calculations for the creation and evaluation of experimental designs.
  • WeightedMean – R-calculations of weighted mean values if only few data are available.
  • Covid – R tool with statistical calculations on the spread of the Corona virus.
  • Fahrtenbuch – A small mobile phone tool for e-cars that shows the power consumption and charging distances and also the charging capacity of the battery.