Extrapolation of The Temperature Trend

Compared to the global average temperature in the 19th century (set at 0 °C as a benchmark), there has been an exponential trend in the global annual average temperature for years. Since 10 years, the exponential model was able to predict the expected course of the global annual temperature on average fairly accurately up to the present day. Who can guarantee that the exponential trend will not continue to a warming of 3 to 4 °C by 2050?
Data source: National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration (USA), National Centers for Environmental Information, (accessed April 21, 2024).

(Corresponding data for Switzerland and Germany on


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August, 16th 2023: Snowfarming

Snowfarming is an attempt to let snow melt slowly in order to still have melt water in summer. Glaciers are an important – sometimes the only – source of water, not only for SAC alpine huts. If a glacier becomes smaller or even disappears altogether, the supply of drinking water is restricted in some places for very many people, a considerable loss of quality of life that we all pay for in the end. This is another reason why Olaf has actively supported the GlaciersAlive action days on 15/16 August 2023: Lischana-Exkursion.

August, 12th 2023: 20 Years Systaim

On 12 August 2023 Systaim celebrates the 20th anniversary of its foundation! After a creative break, the next 5 years are planned:

  • Further development of qualitative systems analysis (SystemQ) and consistency analysis (KD), application to the biodiversity crisis.
  • Further development of ComleamD: Transport of biocides and their transformation products in environmental systems
  • Teaching of statistics, systems analysis, consistency analysis and modelling
  • Publication of many results
  • Future: Statistics and systems analysis to support the climate movement
  • Further development of the Interrelation Miner (IM) to distinguish between possible and impossible scenarios

June 20th, 2023:

Agroscope Life Cycle Assessment Platform

Agroscope Ökobilanz-Plattform, 20.6.2023 (Life Cycle Assessment Platform)