Olaf Tietje

Olaf Tietje
Research, Service, & Continuing EducationSystaimZürich
Teaching & ResearchUniversity of Applied Sciences, Rapperswil, today: OSTProf.Rapperswil
Senior AssistantEnvironmental Natural and Social SciencesETH-UNSETH Zürich
DoctorateAgroecology & Systems AnalysisDr. rer. nat.TU Braunschweig
StudiesMathematicsDiplomaTU Braunschweig


ConsultingDesign of Experiments (DoE), Statistics,
System Analysis, Scenario Technique, Project Design
ResearchMathematical model development, programming
TeachingStatistics, Design of Experiments,
Qualitative Systems Analysis, Scenario Technique
WorkshopsQualitative Systems Analysis, Scenario Technique
ServiceStatistical evaluations, programming in Delphi and R


Mathematical Modelling & SimulationProgrammes:
PTF, FEMQRZ, SystemQ, KD, ComleamD (Comleam)
Turbo-Pascal, Delphi, Embarcadero Delphi
StatisticsDescriptive and conclusive statistics, Design of ExperimentsMS-Excel, R, Delphi
Qualitative system analysis, scenario technique, decision supportSystemQ, KDworkshops, projects
TeachingMathematics, Statistics, Systems Analysis, Scenario Technique, DoEClassroom, Online

Business Management

Dr. Gabriella Abt Tietje

Doctor of biology, behavioural ecologist, biodiversity specialist

  • Nature and living (Natur und Wohnen, Facebook, in German)
  • Wildlife projects with sWild
  • long-serving school administrator
  • PhD thesis: Abt Tietje, G.J., 2003, Pond use, patterns of reproduction and juvenile recruitment in a mixed waterfrog population, Diss. Univ. Zürich.